Collonil Clean and Care

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Highly effective deep cleaning foam.

Contains natural softeners and waxes.

Suitable for all leathers, nubuck, suede and textiles.

Removes deep dirt and stains without discolouring.

Without propellants or solvents.



Wipe the area with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt..

Press pump, apply foam to a cloth and spread evenly onto stain.

Allow CLEAN & CARE time to absorb dirt and stains from the surface of the material.

Wipe away excess foam with a damp cloth  - allow to dry.

Once dry, buff smooth leather with  HORSE HAIR BRUSH, any stains can be removed with Collonil SOFT GUM

For suede or nubuck buff with NUBUCK BOX to restore the nap and remove any ingrained dirt.

Use as often as necessary.

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